Movie-Tone Lighting

Presented by H & H Industries

Movie-Tone lights are available in 3200 Kelvin and 5500 Kelvin colors at this time in all standard sizes.
Movie-Tone lights are also available in 24" and 48" HO versions for Kino-Flo and Flo-Co type fixtures.

Offering Color-Correct fluorescent lighting to the
Motion Picture and Television Industry (and any other color critical application).

Reading T8 lamps with a Minolta Color Meter II is suggested, as these lamps have some narrow band phosphors in them and a Minolta IIIF meter will read them high in Kelvin and in green. This is a condition of the Minolta IIIF meter as it does not read HID or narrow band phopshors properly. This is stated in their printed material that comes with all Minolta IIIF meters. The Minolta IIIF meter will read T12 lamps correctly.

Photography, Motion Picture Film, Television, and Video can now be shot with confidence that your end product will have the best color available, with Movie-Tone fluorescent lights!!

Over 30 years experience in the field

Established the previous standard in use of fluorescent lights since 1982
Assisted in development of "specialty" lights for use in current set fixtures

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Established April of 2000