H & H Industries
______________________________________Established 1964______________________________________

Founded in 1964, H&H is an Illinois-based lighting company offering the world's finest lighting products and service.

Through over 40 years of serving the lighting needs of business, industry, and government, H&H has developed a reputation as an unparalleled leader in the industry. Commitment to quality and service has characterized the company's products and people. We list over 1000 products in our catalog: incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and HID light sources, as well as fixtures and accessories. (We're also an internationally recognized supplier of brand name power tools, industrial cleaners, polishes, and safety vests.)

All H&H lighting products are built for durability and strength. They will outlast conventional bulbs many times over. Covered by our "no-nonsense" Free-Replacement Warranty, they will perform to specific requirements, or we will replace them free of charge--no questions asked!

Our specially trained lighting professionals will provide personal service, valuable lighting information, and technical expertise that you can't get from a distributor or retailer. They'll show you how to upgrade your lighting, lower your electric bill, and recommend the right lamps for your facility.

As an Ally in the Environmental Protection Agency's "Green Lights" program, H&H Industries is committed to developing and promoting energy-efficient lighting. We have been expanding our lighting knowledge and product availability since our birth in 1964, serving customers from New York to Hawaii, doing business with accounts such as Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Delta Air Lines, and possibly the local gas station up the street from your business.

Most recently, our new Task-Master traffic signal lamps have safely illuminated intersections in Omaha, Nebraska, Washington, D.C., and Edmonton, Alberta. We also export many of our products overseas.

In February 2003, our president, Al Howerton, received the 2002 Illinois Small Business Person of the Year Award!

Whether you're a commercial, institutional, or industrial establishment (large or small)--give us a try!

We're just that ONE supplier you've been seeking!